Top B.Com Colleges in Kolkata

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Top B.Com Colleges in Kolkata

Top B.Com Colleges in Kolkata

Bachelor of Commerce:

A three-year undergraduate degree program approved by the Universities Grants Commission is called BCom, or bachelor of commerce (UGC). One may choose to enrol in a distance learning or online BCom degree in addition to the full-time delivery option. One of the most sought-after courses among Class 12 graduates in the Commerce stream is BCom.

According to AISHE data, B.Com was the second-most sought-after program in India after 12th class with around 9.33 lakh students enrolling. Candidates who want to specialise in the Commerce stream can also pursue B.Com (Honors) in addition to the B.Com degree.

The standard BCom course focuses on providing an overview of all the disciplines included in the Commerce stream, whereas the honours course is intended to provide knowledge in specialized subjects.

Education in Kolkata:

India’s cultural centre, Kolkata, boasts outstanding citizens who stand up for the neighborhood. Not just in West Bengal but also throughout the entire nation, Kolkata has long been the epicenter of education. Since Kolkata was undoubtedly the birthplace of contemporary Indian literary and cultural ideas, the city’s rich heritage sites are a reflection of its history. Imagine attending school in a city known for its literary achievements. In addition, Kolkata is home to the Central Library of India, which offers it an advantage over other cities.

We always desire the finest for ourselves when we consider furthering our education. Here are a few things to keep in mind as you think about attending universities in Kolkata for further education.

The fifth-best educational hub in India is Kolkata, which is home to some of the country’s oldest educational institutions and has 41 institutions included among the country’s 1000 Most Trusted.

These are the top universities and colleges in Kolkata.

  • Goenka College of Commerce and Business Administration
  • Acharya Jagadish Chandra Bose College
  • Acharya Girish Chandra Bose College
  • JD Birla Institute
  • University of Calcutta
  • City College of Commerce and Business Administration
  • Bangabasi College
  • Charuchandra College

Goenka College of Commerce and Business Administration:

One of India’s oldest and most esteemed colleges is the Goenka College of Commerce and Business Administration in Kolkata. The Presidency College’s commercial program evolved into a unique government commercial institute in 1905, paving the way for the current college. This is when the College’s history can be found. Later, the Indian Association for the Cultivation of Science was replaced by the Institute at the current location. The current structure, however, was built in 1955 and given the name Goenka College of Commerce and Business Administration.

The B.Com Course lasts three years, and the University of Calcutta grants the degree upon satisfactory completion of the program. The University of Calcutta conducts six exams during the course of the semester, namely those for Semesters I, II, III, IV, V, and VI.

The B.Com program has 26 mandatory papers, one of which is an environmental studies paper worth 100 points. 2,600 points make up the entire grade, including the environmental studies essay. There are thirteen papers in the Honors’ Group, eleven papers in the General Group, one paper in the Language Group, and three papers in Environmental Studies in the course syllabus.

Acharya Jagadish Chandra Bose College:

A reputable public under-graduate institution, Acharya Jagadish Chandra Bose College, Kolkata, was founded in 1968 and is situated in Kolkata, West Bengal. The institute, which bears Acharya Jagadish Chandra Bose’s name, is a part of the University of Calcutta in Kolkata, India. The institute has been granted NCTE approval and NAAC accreditation with a credit rating of 1.83. Additionally, Education World placed it 71st overall in India and 15th in Kolkata.

Top BCom schools in Kolkata include Shri Shikshayatan College, J D Birla Institute, and Goenka College of Commerce and Business Administration. In India Today’s rating list, 10 BCom colleges in Kolkata are included. According to India Today’s ranking, Goenka College of Commerce and Business Administration is the top BCom college in Kolkata. The top-ranked institution has 463 seats available for BCom program.

With appropriate experience and knowledge, this degree enables you to pursue a variety of positions in the legal and financial industries, such as project manager, finance manager, manager of risk management, etc.

Acharya Girish Chandra Bose College:

The Acharya Girish Chandra Bose College, formerly known as the Bangabasi College of Commerce, is a member of the West Bengal University. It is associated with the 3 year Degree Course in English & Bengali and the 3 years Graduate Degree in Commerce (General & Hons).

Kolkata, West Bengal, India’s undergraduate college was founded in its current shape in 1964. With the University of Calcutta, it is connected. It provides undergraduate business and arts courses. With a “B” Grade, Acharya Girish Chandra Bose College received accreditation from the National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) in 2011.

The B.Com or Bachelor of Commerce degree program covers topics such as accounting concepts, monetary theory, banking systems, microeconomics, knowledge of business and trade, as well as the underlying principles and policies that govern them. A graduate degree program in business administration (B.Com.) focuses on the systematic study of ideas in accounting, statistics, economics, mathematics, business studies, finance, banking, law, taxation, marketing, studies, etc. The course lasts three years, and the syllabus is broken up into papers. After its successful completion, it is a career position by nature that offers up numerous jobs.

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    JD Birla Institute:

    The J.D. Birla Institute (JDBI) was founded in 1962 and has already served higher education for more than 50 years. In recognition of its ongoing pursuit of excellence and the model standards it established and upheld over the course of a decade, JDBI received the highest possible grade of “A” from the National Assessment and Accreditation Council in 2010. (NAAC).

    Students who earn a degree in commerce receive introductory training in all main topics, including computer and soft skills training as well as training in finance, marketing, human resources, entrepreneurship, and accounting practices. Additionally, the course helps students get ready for professional program like MBA, CA, CS, etc.

    With far more than 40 Lakh students choosing BCom each year, commerce is among the most popular majors in India. According to recent Statista analysis, demand for commerce students has increased significantly across the board and is expected to increase by 43% in 2022.

    Students who enrol in BCom courses are prepared to know the basics of finance, accounting, economics, banking, taxation, business law, etc. After graduation, students can choose from any of the aforementioned options.

    University of Calcutta:

    In Kolkata, West Bengal, India, the University of Calcutta is a state university state research university. CU is been ranked among India’s top state research universities and has been at the top multiple times. In Kolkata and the surrounding areas, it has 16 institutes and 151 associated undergraduate colleges. It was founded on January 24th, 1857, making it Asia’s first multidisciplinary institution in the European model. Currently, the institution only has authority over a few West Bengal districts, but when it was first established, its catchment area stretched across Lahore to Myanmar. It is regarded as a “Five-Star University” within of India, and the National Assessment and Accreditation Council has awarded it a “A+” rating (NAAC).

    BCom or Bachelor of Commerce course is a three-year UG degree course recognized by the Universities Grants Commission (UGC). Along with the full-time delivery mode, one can also pursue Distance BCom or Online BCom course. BCom is one of the most popular courses amongst the Class 12 graduates with the Commerce stream. As per the AISHE reports, with nearly 9.33 lakh enrolment, B.Com has been the third most desired course in India after Class 12. Besides B.Com, candidates can also pursue BCom (Honours) if they wish for in-depth knowledge in the Commerce stream.

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    City College of Commerce and Business Administration:

    In Kolkata, India, there is a college of commerce for undergraduates called the City College of Commerce & Business Administration. With the University of Calcutta, it is connected. It was founded in 1961 by the Brahmo Arya Samaj Society and offers solely undergraduate B.COM Honours & Pass program with specialisations in accountancy, finance, and marketing. It is an evening college for just boys.

    The stream of commerce includes bachelor of commerce (B.Com.) degrees. Trade and commerce have grown in importance as a result of globalisation, thanks to the World Trade Organization’s efforts, which were launched in 1995. The growth and development of the nation in question have been strongly influenced by domestic trade, foreign trade, and general agreements about the exchange of services. As a result, there are now more choices for students to select their career. After completing the 10th standard or 10+2, students who want to work in the corporate world can choose this subject.

    The information and skills in this subject give students a better chance to study trade and commerce, giving them the ability to enter the workforce and serve the general public without compromising their morals and beliefs.

    Bangabasi College:

    Bangabasi College, a prestigious academic institution of national significance, was founded by the late Acharya Girish Chandra Bose in the spirit of his selfless sacrifice and prophetic vision. It was established in 1887 under private management, and Pandit Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar’s brilliance served as its chief motivation. The institution’s dual objectives were to first meet the increasing higher education and, second, to foster nationalism in the minds of young students under colonial rule. It also served as a covert protest against the Hunter Commission’s restrictive educational agenda.

    The three-year BCom undergraduate curriculum concentrates on topics in business, economics, business law, accounting, taxation, and finance. A BCom degree is a B.Com. At the fundamental level, students receive correct instruction in business, tax, and accounting topics as well as the administration component. With more education, a tremendous can be built on a BCom foundation.

    There are two options for the BCom course: BCom-General and BCom Honours.

    Charuchandra College:

    As a Government Sponsored Co-Ed Degree College Associated with the University of Calcutta since its founding on October 1, 1947, Charuchandra College has grown to become a reputable name in the Region not only in academic studies but also in the areas of Sports and Games Cultural Activities, NSS Program, and Research Activities. Both students and faculty were inspired to earn this distinction thanks to collaboration from the college administration and a welcoming, engaging environment.”

    “The late Charuchandra Chattopadhyay, a prominent Indian nationalist, has been honored by the naming of Charuchandra College. Its origins can be traced back to Dr. SatyendraNath Roy and a few other illustrious academicians from Dacca University during the country’s post-partition period.

    A bachelor of commerce degree provides knowledge of management, accounting, economics, business law, taxation, and insurance.

    The University of Birmingham was the first institution to offer the Bachelor of Commerce ( degree. The program in India lasts three years. Both standard and online program are available to candidates.

    You can apply for the position of accountant in any firm after earning your B.Com. Every business needs an accountant to monitor their revenue and expenses. To be an accountant, one must be knowledgeable in subjects like Cost Accounting, Management Accounting, and Basic Accounting Principles. There are numerous employment opportunities in this area besides accounting.


    A B.Com degree can lead to employment in a variety of fields, including design, management, advertising, finance, and accounting, to mention a few. This program offers full-time, part-time, distance learning, and online study opportunities.

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