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AJ Campus 005 - Govind Paramedical Institute Dehradun

  • MBP
  • BPP
2021, Dehradun
  • PCI Approved
  • AICTE Approved
  • UGC Approved

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Welcome to Govind Paramedical Institute!

Located in Dehradun, Uttarakhand, Govind Paramedical Institute is a college founded in 2021. It is a reputed college, aimed at offering excellent education and training in medical sciences. The college has well-organized subjects intended to impart specialized practical skills and also intellectual development which would enable them become paramedics in future.

Campus Highlight


A library is a wide range of books including digital assets which tends to assist in performing high-quality research and academic work.


The chemistry labs, computer labs and pharmaceutical lab etc., are all stacked with advanced equipments to facilitate hands-on learning.


A shared outdoor cafeteria area that offers delicious cuisine, cozy seats arrangement, so the students could get a break after long classes.


There are various modes of transport that make it easier for students and faculty members to travel without any hustle to their destinations.

Course Highlight

UG Course


(Bachelor in Medical Radio Imaging Technology)

4 Year Degree
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  • BMRIT professionals operate imaging equipment for medical diagnosis.
  • BMRIT course provides training in CT, MRI and X-ray scans.
  • BMRIT is a constantly evolving sector as a result of developments in technology.
  • BMRIT graduates have a wide range of healthcare job options.
  • BMRIT healthcare growth increases demand for diagnostic imaging professionals.
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UG Course


(Bachelor of Science in Operation Theater Technology)

3 Year Degree
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  • BSc OTT technologists make sure surgical procedures run well, which is important for patient care.
  • BSc OTT graduates are highly in demand in the medical and surgical fields.
  • BSc OTT graduates have career security in surgical specialities.
  • BSc OTT provides a practical surgical experience that enhances patient care.
  • BSc OTT degree opens doors to positions in surgery and supervision.
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Our Presence

Exciting news! The AJ Campus is expanding quickly, with campuses in Dehradun growing and new locations opening up. Keep an eye out for updates on the new additions to our campus community!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Does Govind Paramedical Institute provide internships or opportunity for hands-on training?

Aside from expanding available internships, practical teaching opportunities, and job opportunities for students, the deal also allows the institution to capitalize on the established standing and network of the university.

Does Govind Paramedical Institute provide any extracurricular programs or student clubs?

Govind Paramedical Institute may host student clubs centered on healthcare and paramedicine. Besides, they encourage participation in extra-curricular activities.

How is Govind Paramedical Institute’s faculty?

Our experienced instructors at Govind Paramedical Institute are devoted to giving the students best education. They are experts in disciplines in which they specialize in.

Which facilities are offered by Govind Paramedical Institute Dehradun?

In order to encourage an ideal atmosphere for learning, they provide a fully Wi-Fi campus, well-equipped classrooms, labs, and large libraries.

Does Govind Paramedical Institute have regulatory body recognition?

Govind Paramedical Institute has affiliations with the Uttarakhand Paramedical Council in addition to HNBUMU. The council is in charge of policing and monitoring Uttarakhand’s paramedical education system.

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