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Basic Payment Program

Students can pay their tuition in installments with AJ Campus’s convenient Basic Payment Program. With the support of this plan, students can better manage their finances and receive a high-quality education without worrying about money.

AJ Campus’s convenient Basic Payment Program allows students to pay their tuition in installments. With the support of the Basic Payment Program, students can better manage financial flexibility, allowing students to manage their education expenses more effectively.

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How It Works

Four Simple Step To Start Process

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The initial step in the admissions process is eligibility verification and counseling for each individual student.


Application Process

Next step to be taken into consideration is completing application, information about your personal and academic background.


Test and Interview

After taking test and answering few interview questions, one can find out if they are truly eligible.


Offer Letter

An offer letter outlining the enrollment process is sent to participants who are selected for further action.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Basic Payment Program?

You can pay on a regular basis for the duration of your program with the simple Basic Payment Program. It’s an easy and convenient approach to handle your financial charges.

Are all programs and courses eligible for the basic payment Program?

Yes, by choosing the basic payment Program you can take any course or enroll in any program, but then it would be advisable to seek more information from collegeā€™s authorities or financial aid office.

If I have a basic payment Program, may I pay my tuition early?

Yes, if you are under a basic payment Program, you can often pay your tuition fees in advance. Make sure there are no charges or fines for that in your university administration office.

Are there any requirements to meet in order to be eligible for the basic payment Program?

The basic payment Program is typically available to every student; however, there may be other requirements that must be satisfied before using this plan like having a particular grade point average and attendance record or by doing something specific inside college.

What happens if you don’t follow through on a payment plan?

Late payment results in fines, penalties, suspension or even termination from school. If meeting the cost of education is a problem, it is mandatory that one discusses with the administrative body to look into various choices.


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