Top BCA Colleges in Kolkata

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Top BCA Colleges in Kolkata

Top listed Colleges for BCA in Kolkata

Bachelor of Computer Applications

The Top BCA Colleges in Kolkata programme leads to a bachelor’s degree in application after three years of full-time study (six semesters). The main goal of the BCA programme is to provide young people with the knowledge and abilities they need to pursue fulfilling professions in the rapidly evolving field of information technology.

The Central Board of Secondary Education’s 10+2 (any stream) examination or any other equivalent exam recognized by Mizoram University, with Mathematics preferably being one of the compulsory or optional courses, or with any other study program associated with the computer stream that has either Computer Science , as well as a minimum cumulative GPA of 50% (5% relaxation for ST/SC candidates).

Education in Kolkata

It serves as both West Bengal’s capital and largest metropolis as well as India’s cultural hub. A tourist to Kolkata would be shocked and charmed by its “in your face” attitude. The “City of Joy” (the moniker gained popularity after the release of a book with the same name) has long been regarded as the cultural centre of India and the birthplace of the Bengali Renaissance.

It continues to produce generation after generation of poets, writers, movie makers, as well as Nobel Prize winners. If you can only visit one maybe two of India’s major cities, Kolkata should undoubtedly be on your list of places to go. Undoubtedly, Kolkata is one of India’s most politically, culturally, and socially progressive cities. Whether you like it or not, you won’t soon forget the “City of joy”.

Kolkata is indeed the educational hub of eastern India and home to far more than 20 universities, superb schools, and remarkable colleges. Due to the rise of numerous eminent professors and Nobel laureates in this city, it is a well-liked location for students of all subject areas. As a result of the abundance of educational choices in this city, choose a subject and a college might be a difficult undertaking for a prospective student. Some universities are mentioned below;

  • Gurukul Management Studies
  • Annex College of Management Studies
  • Swami Vivekananda Institute of Modern Science
  • Institute of Management Study
  • Techno India University
  • B P Poddar Institute of Management and Technology
  • JIS College of Engineering
  • George Group of Colleges

Gurukul Management Studies:

In order to provide higher education for those wishing to pursue careers in management, computer applications, and hotel management, Gurukul Management Studies in Kolkata, West Bengal, was founded in the year 2004.

Bachelor of Computer Application, or BCA, is an abbreviation for this degree. BCA is a three-year degree programme at the graduate level that is typically for students who want to learn various computer language and their applications and join IT/Software firms where they can create new software and applications as software developers, work as database administrators or network administrators, and explore a variety of other opportunities as IT experts in the IT industry.

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Future scope may come in two forms:

1) In addition to applying for work with private companies, one can also qualify for positions with government organisations.

2) One may apply for jobs with software firms like as Infosys, TCS, Google, Tech-Mahindra, Patni, WIPRO, and others.

3) One may pursue higher education if they do not want to work after receiving their BCA. Depending on their interests, they might enroll in an MBA or MCA programme. However, taking an MCA course after earning your BCA will improve your resume.

Annex College of Management Studies:

The Annex College of Management Studies [ACMS], located in Kolkata, West Bengal, was founded in 1990 as a private educational institution to offer advanced training for careers in engineering, management, and the humanities.

The BCA (Bachelor of Computer Applications) programme is a three-year graduate degree programme that covers computer science and application fundamentals. The course prepares students for careers in the computer applications and IT sector and aids in the growth of a student’s networking, programming, and application skills as well as their knowledge of current information technology methods. Students doing the BCA Course will be properly prepared for the IT industry. Applicants for the BCA programme may be admitted based on merit or through an entrance exam. There is frequently an entrance exam held by a certain university, such as IPU-CET or SET.

Over 90% of pupils were successfully placed. BCA received the best package, and B.Com received the worst. Numerous other companies, including 24/7 and Accenture, also came. Over 90% of students received internship offers. There are several positions available, including bank manager, accountant, businessman, teacher, and CA (chartered accountant).

Swami Vivekananda Institute of Modern Science:

In order to provide higher education and prepare students for careers in management, science, and computer applications, the Swami Vivekananda Institute of Modern Science in Kolkata, West Bengal, was founded in the year 2010.

The institute also maintains a placement and training cell that serves as a link between academia and industry. The top employers at SVIMS include several others in addition to Amazon, Reliance, Concentrix, and TCS. Additionally, the college employs a lot of elite competent professors from numerous prestigious colleges.

In this three-year undergraduate programme, students learn the fundamentals and cutting-edge applications of information technology. This course teaches students how to use computers and also how to deal with a variety of challenges and problems that pertain to computers and their applications. Programming languages like C++, JAVA, networking, computer fundamentals, multimedia structure, data structures, web application development, and software designing are among the topics covered in the BCA Course.

In our college, the placement cell is average. The important businesses are Amazon, Extra Marks, Tata Consultancy Services, Concentrix, MSIL, mPokket, Sun Knowledge, Reliance, and Delivery. Our recruiters include Pinnacle, Oracle, Wipro, Cognizant, IBM, Infosys, and HCL.

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    Institute of Management Study:

    The facilities of this institute is well-designed and meets all the requirements and fundamental needs of the students. It is housed within a campus that is 22,000 square feet in size and is built over five floors. Admission is based on merit scores obtained in the faculty entrance exam or on performance in the most recent qualifying exam for all of the programs available by IMS Kolkata.

    The main goal of this curriculum is to instil in the learners’ minds knowledge of the principles of software applications and software development. It is explained to give students a thorough understanding of data structure, database administration, user interface layouts, and operating systems. Due to the high compensation for highly qualified workers in our nation’s technology, many students favour CA.

    The students have the chance to hone their technical skills and become proficient in popular programming languages like C++, Python, and Linux by enrolling in this course. You have come to the correct place if you intend to enrol in this course because this page has all the information you need to make an informed decision.

     A dedicated Learning and Placement Cell on campus helps students find jobs in 98% of cases. The most generous package deal offered is worth INR 10 LPA, and the standard package deal is worth INR 5 LPA. Top employers include Wipro, Google, Extra Marks, Pie Infocom, the Chetna Foundation, Byju’s, Learning Routes, Sugam, White Hat Junior, and many others.

    Techno India University:

    In order to just provide higher education for those who choose to pursue careers in engineering, management, or the humanities, Techno India University in Kolkata, West Bengal, was founded in 2012.

    Computer applications bachelor’s degree A three-year, full-time, normal degree programme in computer application is known as a BCA. Due to its distinctive and cutting-edge curriculum, which has been meticulously planned and updated based on national workshops held by reputable experts and organised by the institution, BCA is very well-liked by the student community. Among all BCA program offered at Indian universities, the BCA program has been hailed as special.


    • To train computer specialists for direct employment
    • Being able to prove a thorough comprehension of ideas in important computer science principles.
    • To equip computer workers with the aforementioned traits.
    • Excellent Communication Skills
    • A capacity for teamwork.
    • Ability in logic and math.

    IT occupations span a wide variety of fields. While others are very technical, others are artistic. Thinking and problem-solving are important aspects of the profession. Computer programmers, software developers, entrepreneurs, engineers, web designers, system operators, training specialists, customer/help desk support specialists, technicians, and sales professionals are some broad categories under which the employment prospects can be grouped.

    B P Poddar Institute of Management and Technology:

    The B.P. Poddar Institute of Management and Technology (BPPIMT) was founded in 1999 as a memorial to the late B.P. Poddar, a pioneering philanthropist and advocate for education.

    The B.P. Poddar Institute of Management and Technology seeks to enhance the educational system while also enhancing society. The organization’s ambition is centred on its distinct learning environment, which promotes teamwork and communication, as well as the commitment of its knowledgeable professors, who are selected from a variety of professions.

    A three-year full-time degree programme called the Bachelor in Computer Application (BCA) is offered by this college. The University Grants Commission has approved this programme (UGC).

    The undergraduate program offered by this department are designed to lay a foundation in computer science and its applications. The understanding of contemporary tools and technology is improved on a regular basis through the conduct of seminars, workshops, presentations, and other interactive activities with specialists.

    Jobs in the Information Technology (IT) Sector are available for BCA graduates. These jobs include web developers, web designers, network administrators, software engineers, database administrators, quality assurance engineers, technical support engineers, ethical hackers, and others. These employment are made available to BCA candidates by the different businesses, organisations, and MNCs.

    After completing their BCAs, students are also qualified for government employment because a college degree is the prerequisite for most well-paying government positions. You can also study the government sector’s railroads, banks, armed forces, navy, and air force, among many more sectors.

    JIS College of Engineering:

    JIS University, located in Kolkata, West Bengal, was founded in 2014 as a private university academic institution to offer advanced training for pursuing careers in engineering, management, and science.

    This curriculum’s main goal is to instil in the students’ minds knowledge of the basics of software development and computer applications. The purpose of its introduction is to provide in-depth understanding of data structures, database administration, user interface designs, and operating systems. Because talented people in our country and in technology are paid well, many students favour CA. The students who enrol in this course get the chance to hone their technical skills and become proficient in widely used programming languages including C++, Python, and Linux. Therefore, if you intend to enrol in this programme, you have come to the right place. This page contains all the pertinent information.

    This degree provides students with a variety of employment opportunities, and once a person has begun working, they can establish a secure career in about two to five years.

    • Software developers are in charge of studying, running, designing, administering, and putting software projects into practise.
    • System analysts’ main responsibility is to research and develop any approach that could be used to address a business query.
    • Web designers are in charge of planning and establishing the design of any website.
    • Technical associates: they regularly help the company and administrative workers with technical issues.
    • They help customers download software and apps and diagnose hardware issues. IT Tech Support Developer.

    George Group of Colleges:

    George College, which is based in Kolkata, was founded in 2001. The West Bengal University of Technology is connected to the college. Under the guidance of the country’s leading manufacturing firms, it provides more than 50 courses across seven subjects through twenty centres across eastern India.

    The three-year, full-time Bachelor’s degree programme in computer applications. The course is broken up into 6 semesters, with a variety of specialities offered as electives in the final semester. Field projects, which help students get practical experience, are also sufficiently stressed.

    Some of the topics covered in the BCA programme include digital electronics, business application systems, visual basic, PC software, computer architecture and software applications, information systems analysis and design, programming with C, mathematics, English communication and language, data structures with C & C++, multimedia, the internet and e-commerce, data base management system, object-oriented coding with C++, software project quality management, and more.

    After successfully completing the course, you will be prepared with the credentials, know-how, and abilities needed to launch a career in the information technology sector. You will also be able to pursue advanced education in India or overseas, up to and including the Master’s Degree level. Alternately, you will have the skills necessary to launch your own company in any sector of the vast IT spectrum or one of the many closely connected industries that may interest you.


    The field of computer science applications covers a wide range of computation-related subjects, including algorithm analysis, programming languages, program planning, software, and computer hardware. Electronics, mathematics, and electrical engineering are the foundations of computer science. In the past, computer science was taught as part mathematics or engineering, but it has now become a distinct discipline. Different universities are now offering more computer courses that are in line with the demands of the industry. Since the business world is always changing and quickly adopts new technologies, universities are likewise developing fresh curricula for fresh BCA program

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