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Best BHA Colleges in India

By Vinay Kothari,    Last Updated 13 Jul, 2022    4 min read

Best BHA Colleges in India

Best BHA Colleges in India

India in recent years, has grown into a super academic powerhouse and there are a number of top universities in India. Healthcare courses along with engineering and management courses are among the top preferred courses in India.

BHA is one such course which is gaining massive popularity these days. It’s a very dynamic program which helps graduates work in various sectors of healthcare industry. It also packs a very handsome salary package. But what is BHA?

A program in hospital and health care management for undergraduates is called B.H.A., or Bachelor in Hospital Administration. Hospital leadership, managing, and administration are all areas of study in the discipline of healthcare administration. A current management stream approach is called hospital administration (BHA).

Students who complete the course will have the necessary knowledge and abilities to manage the medical and support service departments’ administrative tasks. The Bachelor of Hospital Administration (BHA) Candidate participates in the co – ordination of clinical staff.

In this article, we are going to discuss about some of the best BHA colleges in India. These institutes are ranked by taking following factors into consideration: popularity, recognition, placement, Rankings, and collaborations.

Top BHA Colleges/Institutes in India

  • AJ Institute of Medical Sciences and Research Centre
  • Dev Bhoomi Group of Institutions
  • Dayanand Sagar College of Hospital Administration
  • Geetanjali University
  • National Institute of Medical Sciences
  • Indraprastha University of Technology and Management

AJ Institute of Medical Sciences and Research Centre

Considered as one of the finest medical college in India, AJ Institute is an exceptional institute which has produced some top graduates in the country. It offers a comprehensive undergraduate hospital administration course, known as BHA.

Advanced medical training and technological breakthroughs come together in the classrooms to give students a top-notch education. To help students retain the information they learned in lecture halls, labs are outfitted with cutting-edge machinery and top-notch displays and slides.

The AJIMS staff is committed to developing its students into highly structured thinkers with ethics. As a result, they promote medical ethics that are tempered with moral and compassionate principles in order to develop us into future generations who will have an influence on the world.

With superior placement and internship programs, AJ Institute is among the best BHA colleges in India.

Dev Bhoomi Group of Institutions

The Dev Bhoomi Group of Institutions’ Department of Hospital Administration is the Best BHA College in Dehradun, Uttarakhand, and it trains future health managers in the art and science of managing hospitals. The healthcare industry is evolving and changing quickly. This led to the introduction of hospital administrators, who are essential to a hospital system’s smooth functioning and the high caliber of services and facilities it offers.

With great instruction, advice, and counseling from the knowledgeable and experienced faculty, this curriculum is focused to providing students with exposure to various divisions of the Hospital. Outstanding venues for placement and internships are provided by DBGI.

Following completing this program, a number of job profiles are open, including those for Hospital Business Manager, F&B Manager, Hospital Administrator, Regional Manager, Center Manager, Patient Relation Executive, Guest Relation Manager, Assistant Manager, and Operation Executive, among others.

Dayanand Sagar College of Hospital Administration

Ranked as one of the best colleges for pursuing hospital administration and hospital management courses  in Inida.  Dayanand Sagar College offers BHA and MHA courses in Hospital administration.

Their program is designed to meet the needs of hospital administrators who have specialized training and real-world experience working in hospitals. Candidates for the course should have management and delegating abilities acquired via group work, as well as negotiation and teamwork skills that they have developed while working both alone and on group projects.

They ought to have analytical, critical thinking, and problem-solving abilities that they have gained via reading, analyzing, and presenting information and ideas.

Dayanand Sagar College is one of the best for pursuing BHA course and they have ties with the top companies and firms, where the graduates of this college gets placement and internship opportunities.

Geetanjali University

Geetanjali University of Udaipur is popular for offering medical/paramedical courses. But there most important and famous course would  be a Bachelors course in Hospital Administration.

Healthcare administrators, like those in other management roles, must promptly solve problems, manage people, and make important choices. Your interpersonal skills will be key to be successful as a healthcare administrator. That’s why this institute focuses more on developing interpersonal skills of their students. So they can become successful managers of tomorrow.

Geetanjali University offers exceptional facilities like excellent hostel accommodations, well-furnished and equipped laboratories, well-ventilated classrooms with suitable audio-visual tools including LCD, Mike, and OHP, and a 1150-bed Super Specialty Hospital for BHA students to gain practical experience.

National Institute of Medical Sciences

NIMS is amongst the top medical school across the country. It has collaborations with the finest hospitals and healthcare companies in India. They offer many medical and para-medical courses including undergraduate and postgraduate course in hospital administration.

It is a top university in India. The best lecturers are employed by the Institute of Medical Science, and it has a large central library with thousands of books. You can read the book whenever you like. If you graduate from this university, finding a job won’t be difficult. You can enter by taking an entrance exam. But in order to be admitted, pupils must get a decent grade.

It is also being said that NIMS is the best alternate option after AIIMS. Graduated students from here are placed in many reputed companies, hospitals, and firms in India and abroad. With national and international reputation, NIMS is one of the best options if you are looking to pursue BHA course in India.

Indraprastha University of Technology and Management

Indraprastha Institute of Technology and Management or IITM is one of the foremost colleges in India for pursuing technology, management, and administration courses. They have many campuses in India and offers a comprehensive hospital administration course in Bachelor’s level called BHA.

The college provides students with a variety of amenities, including air-conditioned lecture halls, computer labs, and other infrastructure facilities. In addition, the college features a cutting-edge, well-stocked digital resource center/ library with a wealth of educational material, such as the research done by faculty and students.

The institute strives to advance expertise and skills in healthcare facility management and leadership. According to the course description, students receive instruction in basic medical sciences, healthcare business, public health, health policies, quality assurance, healthcare marketing, hospital information system, etc.


We have mentioned all the important and best BHA colleges in India above in this article. These colleges are ranked according to their rankings, facilities, popularity among students, and many other factors. If you have any query or correction or suggestion to make, feel free to let us know in the comments section. We would be delighted.

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