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AJ Campus Admission Process

By Asha Rani,    Last Updated 8 Jun, 2023    6 min read

AJ Campus : Admission Process

Introduction of AJ Campus Admission Process

Students who are entering higher education after completing the 12th grade need to make a significant change in their academic path. Finding the correct college can be a challenge for numerous children during this period. The process of choosing a college can be stressful for students because there are so many possibilities, each with its own set of standards, requirements for admission, and unique features. The college fees are so high that student is unable to enroll themselves in the particular course of their choice.

As a result they have the option of entering government colleges like DAV, DBS, SGRR (pg) college where the courses are limited. Now what if the student can choose the expensive course but with low fees, sounds so unrealistic? But this is true. Here comes AJ campus which offers you with such carrier options, where you can choose the course which cost high in other universities but not in AJ Campus and even gives you the surety of placement. If the child is unable to get placed in job, the whole fee is refunded. To know more about AJ Campus, you can read below:

AJ Campus

We are an industry-aligned educational institution that offers India’s first Pay After Placement program and develops ready-for-the-job personnel through advanced teaching methods and technology-enabled instruction. AJ Campus : Admission Process by providing a 100% placement guarantee, a money-back guarantee, and a special fee structure through an interactive platform that supports their skill development and placement in wonderful industries, we work to improve students’ career opportunities.

We Provide students with modern education. Every capable individual should receive the support they require to take charge of their professional lives. We will not compromise on either value or dedication as we seek greatness and the academic success of children around the country.

Why should you choose AJ Campus

We understand how demanding and stressful applying for a course can be. We want to design the best AJ Campus : Admission Process plan for you. Our interactive modules will assist you in building competitive skills. With the help of our extraordinary Pay after Placement program, AJ Campus promotes education by providing equal opportunity to all students.

Admission process:

  • Firstly the student has to fill the form of aj campus that cost Rs.1050.
  • Then once the form is submitted the student is called for interview session. If you are out of town or unable to come we have the facility of online interview, so the student can give the interview online also.
  • Then the student is provided with offer letter and thus the admission process starts. A legal bond is also signed in which it is clearly mentioned that the total fee will be returned if we are unable to get you a job.
  • Now the student decides which course he/ she wants to choose. According to the student condition they choose their payment module also.
  • In every course the student has to pay a fixed amount, which can be given in installment in 1st year itself. No fee is to be given in 2nd and 3rd year.
  • After that when the child gets the job through our placement facility, and then the total course fee is submitted by deduction of a particular amount from their salary in the form of EMI.

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Courses offered :

AJ Campus offer 4 courses that is BBA, BHA, B. COM(H) and  BCA. The detail about the course and its eligibility criteria is discussed below:

1.     BBA

  • 3 years of regular, studying full-time
  • Marketing, human resource management, computer applications, finance, and many other specializations are available.
  • Emphasis on theoretical understanding combined with real-world application.
  • Enhances one’s capacity for connecting with others.
  • Available internships and scholarships.

Eligibility criteria

  • 12th from a recognized board
  • Minimum of 50% in the 12th grade
  • Proper English and math knowledge, and admission based on merit (personal interview, 10+2 score, AJCTE test score).

2.     BCA

  • 3 years of full-time study
  • Placing a focus on proactively learning
  • Personalized guidance from top experts in the sector excellent placement help and direction
  • Exceptional expertise in key areas of computer science and networking
  • Gaining knowledge of the interconnected challenge through educational tours and business visits

Eligibility criteria

  • 12TH  from a recognized board
  • A minimum of 50% in the 10+2 exam with PCM as a required subject.
  • Admissions based on merit (AJCE test score, 10+2 score, and personal interview)

3.     BHA

  • 3-year full-time course of study
  • Possess a thorough understanding of modern business procedures across all aspects of business management
  • Possess a thorough understanding of modern business procedures across every element of business management
  • Understanding how to do business across nations and cultures, as well as operating globally
  • Being able to evaluate and analyze data using reasoning skills to make wise decisions

Eligibility criteria

  • 12TH  from a recognized board
  • A minimum of 50% in the 10+2 exam with PCM as a required subject.
  • Admissions based on merit (AJCE test score, 10+2 score, and personal interview)

4.     B.COM (H)

  • 3 years of full-time study
  • Analyzing the management, development, and growth issues
  • Recognize the fundamentals of business ethics and good leadership.
  • Global link placements and internships
  • Outstanding placement help and advice

Eligibility criteria

  • 12TH  from a recognized board
  • A minimum of 50% in the 10+2 exam with PCM as a required subject.
  • Admissions based on merit (AJCE test score, 10+2 score, and personal interview)

Our payment model

Our unique payment options at AJ Campus have revolutionized the Indian educational sector. Pay after Placement and Money back guarantee Program models have been introduced by AJ Campus to increase students’ access to high-quality education. These two types offer great opportunities for return on investment.

1.     Pay after Placement

As we guarantee the placement facility once the student completes his or her course, the student benefits from our program. Here, the application fee must first be submitted. You can reserve your spot in the specific course you choose by paying this price. Now that the admissions process has begun, the student must pay registration and entrance fees.

The additional course expenses, campus and development fees, lab fees, training and personality development session fees, uniform, and library fees are all included in the fee. The total sum that the student must pay is specified, and it may be paid either in installments or all together at once. No tuition will be charged if we are unable to place the student in the job.

How pap works:

  • Pay your fixed registration fees, not tuition fees.
  • Get ready for the market while exploring the AJ Campus’s environment.
  • If we are unable to place you within 4 months, you are not required to pay the tuition.

Advantages of PAP:

  • Zero-risk education
  • Easier access to education
  • Increased employment
  • Career achievement

2.     Money back guarantee program

In this plan, students who are placed by AJ Campus but fail to get a job will receive their tuition money back. The first step is to send in the application form fees. Following registration fees are admission fees. The additional curriculum expenses, campus and development fees, lab fees, training and personality development session fees, uniform, and library fees are all included in the tuition. For students who desire job stability, this money-back surety program is the ideal option.

How does Money back guarantee program works?

  • Pay your fixed enrollment fees when you are admitted.
  • Pay your fixed registration costs alone; do not pay tuition fees.
  • Get ready for the market while exploring the AJ Campus periphery.
  • If we don’t get you a job within 4 months, you won’t be required to pay the tuition.
  • Explore the advantages of AJ Campus and get ready for the market.
  • If not chosen, the money will be refunded once the basic registration fees have been withdrawn.

Advantages of Money back guarantee program

  • Easy installment options
  • No extra fees after Placement
  • Different types of scholarships available
  • 100% Placement Assistance
  • Money-back guarantee (conditions applied)

3.     Basic payment plan program:

Students who can afford the course fees and are looking for a nice campus where they may develop themselves can use the basic payment plan program. The placement surety is not included in the regular payment schedule. With the help of this program, students can pay their college tuition in monthly installments rather than all at once at the beginning of each semester or term. A student frequently pays a portion of their tuition and fees at the beginning of the semester or term, with the remaining balance being paid in equal monthly installments for the remainder of the semester or term.

Which Plan Is Best For You?

You can choose from these 3 payment options from AJ Campus. You can choose any plan because our payment options are all the best. The following conditions are discussed in case the student is unsure which option to choose.

money-back surety programpay after placement programbasic payment plan
The student should choose one of our money-back surety programs if they wish to be independent and have job security.  The student might enroll in a pay after placement program if they are having financial difficulties, are unable to attend a higher education institution, or cannot afford the expensive course fees.  The basic payment plan is an option for students who are financially stable and can afford the course fees.  


The unique educational facility AJ Campus succeeds at creating a supportive, welcoming, and complete learning atmosphere. The AJ Campus educates students for success in their chosen sectors and gives them the skills they need to flourish in a constantly changing world through its exceptional faculty, varied academic program, modern facilities, and emphasis on holistic development. Making AJ Campus your educational destination ensures a fruitful and transformative learning experience. You can choose the payment option that best meets your needs and enables you to complete the educational goals you have set without excess burden on your finances by checking the advantages and disadvantages of each plan.

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