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What to do after 12th in commerce?­­

By Asha Rani,    Last Updated 18 Apr, 2023    3 min read

What to do after 12th in commerce­?

What to do after 12th in commerce?­­


The students can build their business knowledge and abilities on the ideal foundation of a commerce degree. The program is aimed to give students a solid basis in finance, accounting, and economics.

Whether students continue their education or enter the workforce, the skills and information they learn by undertaking a degree in commerce will be helpful to them in their future careers.

After passing the 12th-grade board exams, students have the opportunity to enroll in optional courses, which determine their future career paths.

 In this article, we’ll talk about the best courses and job opportunities available to youth that choose to study commerce in their final year of high school. Let’s look at the commerce courses available What to do after 12th in commerce?­­


Some of the courses which you can pursue after 12th from commerce stream are:-

­­Course NameDURATION (years)About the courseJOB OPPORTUNITIES 3A three-year UG program that emphasizes topics like business law, commerce, economics, accounting, taxation, and finance in order to teach students the skills of management while that focuses on a specific business area.Financial Risk Manager   Business Analyst   Digital Marketer Accountant  
Bachelor Of Business Studies(BBS) 3According to the interests, abilities, and desired passion, BBS graduates in India have a wide range of employment opportunities in both the private and public sectors.Data Researcher   Marketing Manager   Human Resource Manager
Bachelor of business administration (BBA) 3A graduate degree that gives students professional training in management and prepares them for careers in business management.Market Research Analyst. Sales Executive. Business Development Executive.  
Bachelor Of Computer Applications (BCA) 3You can enter the IT industry and pursue well-paying positions in the consulting and information technology fields with a BCA degree. IT Administrator    Web Developer    Data Administrator   
Bachelor Of Accounting And Finance(BAF) 3BAF gives students with in-depth knowledge of accounting and financial topics as well as the technical abilities necessary to successfully complete numerous financial assessment and accounting regulations procedures.Stockbroker   Tax Consultant   Finance Analyst    
Mass Communication & Journalism 3This three-year program gives you chance to learn new skills and explore possible futures in business sectors like event management, business communication, public relations, and journalism.TV Anchor   Radio Jockey   Public Relation Manager

Career Options after 12th Commerce

Some of the career options you can pursue after 12th from commerce stream are:-

  • Business Entrepreneurship
  • Financial markets
  • Strategic management
  • Corporate communication
  • Organizational behavior
  • Financial management

Importance Of Commerce Stream

  • Meet peoples’ growing needs.
  • Connects producers and buyers
  • Trade boosts prosperity and national income
  • Facilitates global trade.
  • In times of need, commerce is helpful.

Every country now depends primarily on its financial sector and its educational system. In every different nation, the status of commerce is related to the rate of economic development and the level of living of the people. Without the development of commerce, no country can advance. The needs of citizens are not limited to objects made in their own country. They want products made in other countries as well.

Benefits of opting for commerce in 12th

Among the three streams, the commerce one is the most popular. Students that choose this path have a variety of career choices. The following four additional advantages of choosing a commerce track are discussed:

  • The Commerce stream gives students a wide choice of job prospects, including those for chartered accountants, law and economics bachelor’s degrees, cost as well as management accountants, business supervisors, and many more.
  • Any industry that students choose to work in will benefit from having at least a basic understanding of commerce for greater career opportunities. Therefore, it is advantageous for students to study commerce in order to have a successful profession.
  • Companies like KPOs and BPOs choose people with a history in businesses who are experts in accounts and financial records.

Highest paid jobs for commerce stream students

  • Chartered accountant
  • Investment banker
  • Financial planner
  • Banking
  • Stock broker


Among students from India, the field of commerce is one of the most popular. Students who have completed the 12th grade in commerce can enroll in programs like BCom, BBA, and BMS.

Following graduation, students have the option of enrolling in post-graduate programs such as the M.Com, MBA, and CA. Following graduation, students can also enroll in professional programs like CA or CS. The student’s professional training will help them get profitable jobs in the business.


1.   Which commerce course should we choose after the 12th-grade year?

The best course is also the most suitable course for the student and for each student the best course could be different. They are CA, CS, ICWAI, BCom, BCom Honours, Economic Honours, Statistics Honours, Taxation & Accounting Honours, Banking & Finance Honours, BBA and BMS.

2.   Can I go for BCA or BBA after Class 12th with Commerce?

Yes, students who have studied Commerce in Class 12th can opt for BBA or BCA as their bachelor’s degree. While BCA is more suitable for Commerce with math’s students, BBA is suitable for Commerce without Math’s students.

3. How can I pursue CA or CS after Class 12th with Commerce?

To pursue CA or CS after Class 12th with Commerce, the candidates need to register with ICAI or ICSI. They will be then required to complete different levels of the course and clear their exams.

4.  Which job has the highest salary in commerce? 

·       Chartered Accountant (CA)
·       Marketing Manager.
·       Investment Banker.
·       Human Resource Manager.
·       Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA)
·       Certified Public Accountant (CPA)
·       Actuary.
·       Cost Accountant.

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