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Top Colleges for BBA in Assam

By Asha Rani,    Last Updated 3 Mar, 2023    9 min read

Top Colleges for BBA in Assam

Top Colleges for BBA in Assam

Assam Education Overview :

Assam is a state that is a part of the SEVEN SISTER STATES that are located in north-eastern India. Assam had 31.16 million residents as of the 2011 census, an increase of 16.93% over the preceding ten years. The state’s literacy rate, which was 73.18%, was lower than the 81.30% national average. Men had a literacy rate of 78.81%, while women had a rate of 67.27%. Both nationally and in the North Eastern States, Assam boast the best educational system. The state capital, Guwahati, acts as the main centre for further education for learners throughout entire north eastern region due to its position in a remote section of the country.

Higher education has received the strongest support from the objective of continued government investment. Every topic of study a student might be interested in is covered by a vast range of technical and higher educational programs offered by the state. For the state’s students seeking higher education, Assam has a total of 455 colleges, 6 universities, 4 engineering institutes, and 3 medical colleges.

About Bachelor’s in Business Administration [BBA] :

The three-year B.B.A. program offers education, training, and experience in business management and entrepreneurship. For Top Colleges for BBA in Assam all backgrounds are welcome to enroll in the undergraduate degree program. There are many BBA specialties available, including finance, marketing, and human resource management.

The BBA Syllabus is created to give students the necessary business administration abilities. Principles of Management, Macroeconomics, Human Behavior and Ethics at Work, Management Accounting, Banking, and Insurance are among the BBA subjects.

Corporate management opportunities are open to BBA graduates. When considering candidates for a variety of positions in many business sectors, employers look for BBA graduates. Some top colleges for BBA in Assam are mentioned below;

  • Assam Down Town University
  • Gauhati Commerce College
  • Dispur College
  • B. Borooah College
  • Royal Global University
  • Dibrugarh University
  • The Assam Kaziranga University
  • Krishna Kanta Handiqui State Open University

Assam Down Town University :

The Assam down Town University Act, 2010 created the Assam Down Town University in the Indian state of Assam. The institution is situated at Panikhaiti, in Assam’s capital city of Guwahati. The college is located on a 42-acre campus that overlooks the Brahmaputra River and is about 12 kilometres from Assam State Secretariat, Dispur, and the state of Assam’s administrative centre.

Established in 2010, Assam Down Town University is a college with NAAC accreditation. Engineering, management, pharmacy, nursing, allied health sciences, par medicine, hospitality, skill development, psychology, business administration, and performing arts are just a few of the many fields in which Assam Down Town University offers courses. The university has also received approval from the Indian Nursing Council, the Pharmacy Council of India, and the University Grants Commission (UGC) (INC). Additionally certified by SIRO and AICTE is AdtU Guwahati.

A number of prestigious companies, including Aditya Birla Group, ACC, Amazon, Apollo, Axis Bank, Bajaj Alliance, Capgemini, Byjus, CEAT, Cipla, ICICI Bank, and Indigo, are hiring for positions at Assam Down Town University.

The Assam Down Town University’s BBA program was created using a blend of theoretical ideas and real-world experience. It is an undergraduate curriculum that aids students in developing a thorough understanding of critical managerial competencies. These abilities support a student’s ability to lead with assurance, communicate clearly, critically thinking, and make judgment calls.

Program Outcome:

  • Gain a general understanding of the corporate world and how it operates.
  • Develop specialist knowledge to address concern-specific challenges in your area.
  • High levels of professionalism and a collaborative working style should be displayed.
  • Develop the ability to use technology in many business contexts.
  • Enhanced capacity for discovering, understanding, and resolving important business problems.

Gauhati Commerce College :

One of the most promising colleges in the state of Assam and all of north-east India, auhati Commerce College offers business education at the Higher Secondary, Degree, and Post Graduate levels. It is located at the northernmost end of R.G. Barooah Road in Chandmari, Guwahati, 781021. The college was established on September 10th, 1962. The college initially only had 300 students enrolled, but over the years, it has grown to have an enrolment of over 3000 students and to be making excellent progress in all of its academic and extracurricular activities.

This college has also succeeded in building a reputation in other fields. Since the college’s founding, it has consistently had a prominent position in the domains of gaming, sports, and other literary and cultural activities. Through a variety of social work initiatives under its well-managed National Service Scheme, the college engages with rural communities. NCC (Army), Scout, and Guide cadets from the college have been showcasing their accomplishments at various camps and receiving praise from a variety of sources.

An undergrad business management course is called B.B.A., or a Bachelor of Business Administration. The Business Administration program lasts three to four years, broken up into numerous semesters. Depending on the student’s preference, the course may be taken as a part-time graduate course or a full-time degree course via correspondence or distance learning.

Pass Courses as B.B.A. is another name for B.B.A. (General). It is conventional in the sense that, aside from one or two required subjects, one can choose from a variety of subject combinations. From institute to institute, these combinations vary.

Dispur College :

Dispur College was founded in 1978 by several visionaries from the area on the outskirts of the stunning Narakasur Hills, particularly to serve the requirements of children of working parents in the Assam Capital Secretariat. The College, which includes 12 academic departments in both the Arts and Commerce Streams and two very effective vocational departments in BBA and BCA, has already celebrated 44 years of illustrious existence.

For better performance in academics and other associated activities, the College has always looked forward to developing a strong relationship between students and teachers. The institution’s main goal is to help the socioeconomically disadvantaged segment of society access higher education.

With this motto, the University has been able to draw in a significant number of students from around Northeast India’s varied communities and locations. The students participate in all social, cultural, and extracurricular activities together in order to achieve the fundamental goals of education.

A business management course for undergraduates is called B.B.A., or Bachelor of Business Administration. Three to four years, spread over numerous semesters, are required to complete the Business Administration program. Depending on the student’s preference, the course may be taken as a part-time or a full-time grad course, via correspondence or distance learning.

In addition to the one or two required subjects, it is common in that it is not a set of specified subjects from which one can select other combinations. These combinations vary from college to college.

B. Borooah College :

Bholanath Borooah, a leading figure in Assamese industry and a close friend of Sahityarathi Lakshminath Bezbaruah, was the inspiration for the establishment of B. Borooah College in the year 1943. It grew as a result of the nationalistic battle against foreign authority and the shadow cast by World War II. On September 13, 1943, classes (evening sessions) began on the grounds of Kamrup Academy High School with 15 students.

The college’s founders initially established it as a nighttime college in order to provide underprivileged students the chance to continue their higher education while maintaining a daytime job.

The names of numerous famous people have been connected to the college. First honorary Principal of the institution was Bharat Ratna Gopinath Bordoloi, the first Chief Minister of Assam. Hem Barua, a charismatic Member of Parliament and well-known author, occupied the principal’s chair for a while. He was replaced by Dr. Promod Chandra Bhattacharya, Prof. Surendra Mohan Das, Late Prasanna Kumar Sarma, Sri Dulal Chandra Borthakur, Sri H. C. Deka, Late D. K. Choudhury, Smti Bonti Choudhury, Dr. (Mrs.) Rekha Deka, Dr. Sunil Pawan Baruah, Mrs. Madhurima Das Deka, Dr. Dines Currently; Dr. Satyendra Nath Barman is this college’s principal.

The BBA program is a three-year professional bachelor Business Management program. All three academic streams—science, arts, and commerce—are welcome to enrol in the course. The BBA programme provides students with knowledge and experience in leadership and management techniques to get them ready for managerial positions and entrepreneurship.

After graduating from class twelve, students who want to work in the management industry can enrol in the BBA programme. Through classroom lectures and hands-on activities like internships, the course will assist the students in learning numerous facets of business management and administration. The students will become familiar with a variety of business administration, marketing, etc., elements through this course.

Royal Global University :

One of India’s top universities is Royal Global University. It has served as a forum for leadership that unites the interests of businesses, entrepreneurs, and young people ever since it was founded. The mission of Royal Global University is to establish and maintain an environment that is conducive to entrepreneurship and employment.

The Royal Global University has been successful in supplying the necessary tools, information, and assistance to foster successful job and entrepreneurship prospects thanks to the cooperative efforts of its broad network of powerful corporations, individual members, and academic institutions.

One of the best universities in the nation is Royal Global University. RGU provides a distinctive educational experience that equips the following generation of world citizens to lead and change the globe. RGU is a top educational centre in the North Eastern region with a focus on outstanding undergraduate and postgraduate programs thanks to its brilliant and motivated student body and competent faculty. There are many alternatives available to undergraduates, graduates, and postgraduates.

The Bachelor of Business Administration degree is a three year program. This degree aims to provide fundamental training in business and management fundamentals. Students can focus on more than one area of specialty while pursuing a BBA, including international business, finance, real estate, computer information systems, marketing, and accounting. BBA programs can give students practical management training that will prepare them to work effectively in either a large or small firm.

It serves as a springboard for prospects in a number of industries, including marketing, finance, sales, education, and government. It is intended to give readers a comprehensive understanding of ideas related to business. Numerous disciplines are included in the BBA, including marketing, human resources, accounting, and finance.

Due to Top Colleges for BBA in Assam course’s significant influence on the development of the business industry, this degree opens up more opportunities in many businesses.

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    Dibrugarh University :

    The provisions of the Dibrugarh University Act, 1965, passed by the Assam Legislative Assembly, led to the establishment of Dibrugarh University, the eastern edge university in India, in 1965. It is a renowned university with a focus on research and innovation that serves as a physical location to arrange the socio-cultural aspects of North East India. The University supports a wide range of endeavors that are based on a constellation of theory, thought, and contemplation.

    One of the top educational institutions, Dibrugarh University aims to combine multidisciplinary disciplines with a variety of theoretical viewpoints, the world of multiculturalism with knowledge in practise, and local problems with a global perspective. The industrial-academia relationship at the university is active and fruitful.

    The University provides exciting educational experiences that equip the next generation to lead, make a difference, and so contribute to society as a whole. This is made possible by its strong global connections in research and education programs.

    The University is home to 177 associated institutions and institutes, which are dispersed throughout Assam’s nine districts. All universities in India and abroad recognize Dibrugarh University, which is a part of the Association of Indian Universities.

    Mode: Full-Time | Time Frame: Three Years

    Dibrugarh University, in Dibrugarh, offers a three-year full-time postgraduate program called the Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA).

    The sixth semester of study is when students decide on their area of study. The following specializations are available through the program:

    • Marketing administration
    • Human Resource Administration
    • Administration of Insurance Financial Management for Business
    • Healthcare & Hospital Management
    • Travel and Tourism Management
    • Online Marketing

    The Assam Kaziranga University :

    The Assam Kaziranga University The Assam Kaziranga University, also known as KU, was innovated in 2012 and is one of the biggest private institutions in North- East India. The Assam Kaziranga University was innovated in agreement with the Assam Private University Act No. XII of 2007 and it provides slice- edge instruction and request-applicable exploration.

    The University was established by the Khetan Industrial Group in 2012 and has been supported by the Trust under the name The North Eastern Knowledge Foundation( NEKF). Both groups’ social mindfulness and ethical business practices have enabled them to promote a culture of proedification in their trials and return the knowledge and moxie they’ve gained over times of nation- serving service to society.

    A varied literacy community, high- quality professionals, and a global outlook are all pretensions of the university. also, it’s well- known abroad, attracting scholars from each over world who want to learn and develop. The council provides slice- edge instruction and request-applicable exploration. It was started by the Khetan Industrial Group and fostered by the North- Eastern Knowledge and trust. Its pupils are equipped to change the world and have a different range of interests.

    The Assam Kaziranga University’s BBA program features a ultramodern class, communication training, good faculty with experience in the assiduity, probative installations, interactive classroom sessions with case studies, real- life scripts & situations participated through audio-visual, part playing, tutorials, donations, and group work. One of the crucial aspects of this course is how the class emphasizes practical literacy through systems, artificial visits, fieldwork, live systems, adulterous chops through the Centre of Excellence, ongoing mentoring programs by business professionals, networking through Student Activity Clubs, and the final semester exploration design.

    After successfully completing this program, scholars will be good for direct employment in a wide range of fields, including banking, retail, tourism, hospitality, healthcare, operation consulting, fiscal and account operation, marketing, HRM, logistics, IT, transnational business, and numerous other fields in both the public and private sectors.

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    Krishna Kanta Handiqui State Open University :

    A society’s foundation is its education system. Education is often defined as any action or event that has a forming influence on a person’s mind, character, or physical ability. In order to address the underserved segment of society and further the goal of creating a knowledge-based society, Krishna Kanta Handiqui State Open University was founded. It offers quality higher education through open and distance learning.

    The University’s mission is to advance education for the underserved thru the distance and open learning system. Its motto is “Education Beyond Barriers,” which refers to age, academic background, and geographic restrictions.

    All of the students in the area can receive an education thanks to the university’s carefully thought-out curriculum designs. The university’s course formats were created to be on with the national program. In addition to the typical programs, the university offers a variety of specialized Certificate and Diploma programs to allow students who are already enrolled in the state’s colleges and other educational institutions to pursue additional coursework in addition to their regular classes.

    The Bachelor of Business Administration program was created with the goal of preparing students for careers in business while also meeting the needs of today’s businesses. The students will be able to build the managerial skills necessary for actions like organizing, planning, making decisions, communicating, etc. for effective organizational performance. The program is mostly concerned with marketing, finance, and human resources. Successful completion of the UGC-recognized 10+2 or equivalent exam (in any stream) at a Council or University. Polytechnic diploma earned in any branch is two eligibility criteria needed for this course.

    Conclusion :

    Compared to other bachelor’s degree grads from other streams, BBA graduates typically land a job significantly sooner. Furthermore, they receive pay raises. Stronger Network: A BBA will enable you to develop a larger professional network. The Top Colleges for BBA in Assam has main benefit of this course is that it allows you to launch your career considerably earlier.

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