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Pay After Placement Program

Simplified and Flexible: AJ Campus Basic Payment Plan


Recognizing the diverse financial needs of our students, AJ Campus offers a straightforward and flexible “Basic Payment Plan” to make quality education accessible to all.

How It Works:


Installment Structure

The Basic Payment Plan allows students to pay their tuition fees in convenient installments spread across the duration of the course.


Upfront Deposit

An initial deposit is required, ensuring a commitment to the program. This deposit is deducted from the total tuition fees.


Flexible Schedule

Payments are scheduled to align with the academic calendar, providing flexibility and ease of budgeting for students.


No Hidden Costs

Our Basic Payment Plan is transparent, with no hidden costs. All payment details and schedules are clearly communicated to students.


Financial Flexibility

The Basic Payment Plan provides financial flexibility, allowing students to manage their education expenses more effectively.

Predictable Payments

With a fixed schedule, students can plan their finances with confidence, knowing the exact amounts and due dates of their tuition payments.

Accessible Education

This plan promotes accessibility, ensuring that financial constraints do not hinder students from pursuing quality education.

Choose AJ Campus and benefit from a Basic Payment Plan that simplifies the financial aspect of your education, making your academic journey more accessible and manageable.

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